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Andrew Gold has enjoyed a unique career, having played multiple roles with great success as singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and musician. Writing his first songs at 13, he proceeded to learn a variety of instruments including Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Keyboards.

His musical ability seems to be inherited as his parents are both successful in the musical field. His father, Ernest Gold, won an Academy Award for his musical score for Exodus. His mother, Marni Nixon, was the singing voice of Natalie Wood in West Side Story; Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady; and Deborah Kerr in The King And I, among many others.

In 1973 he joined Linda Ronstadt's band and together with Peter Asher and Linda, played and arranged much of the instruments on Linda's 70's records. "You're No Good", and "Heatwave" for example, are almost all Andrew, playing and singing. He has become renown for his instrumental and vocal virtuosity on such hits as Ronstadt's "When Will I Be Loved", Art Garfunkel's "I Only Have Eyes For You," and on records (performing and/or writing) for many major artists, including Celine Dion, 10cc, James Taylor, Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Diana Ross, Cher, Trisha Yearwood, Wynonna Judd, Paul McCartney and countless others.

In the mid seventies he released 4 solo LPs:

and WHIRLWIND (1979).

"Lonely Boy", from his second LP, was a top 5 hit in the U.S., as well as "Thank You For Being A Friend" from his 3rd LP. This song later became the theme for TV's The Golden Girls. In the UK and worldwide, he continued to have single success with such songs as "Never Let Her Slip Away" and "How Can This Be Love".

In the 1980's he joined with Graham Gouldman of 10cc and "Bus Stop/For Your Love/Heart Full Of Soul" fame to form WAX UK, creating 3 LPs and two international hits, "Right Between The Eyes" and "Bridge To Your Heart".

Currently Andrew has co-founded BRYNDLE, with Karla Bonoff, Wendy Waldman, and Kenny Edwards, and they have a new self-titled LP out as of August 15, 1995, on MusicMastersBMG. He has produced and written songs and music for countless television and movie soundtracks, most notably singing the theme to TV's MAD ABOUT YOU. He produced a new Stephen Bishop album, BLUE GUITARS, wrote, and/or produced hits for Wynonna Judd, Vince Gill, Aaron Neville, Nicolette Larson, Celine Dion, as well as for Japanese superstar Eikichi Yazawa. He has even been the voice of Alvin on occasion (Of CHIPMUNKS fame).

He has a new solo LP out now called "....SINCE 1951"(on Pony Canyon Japan); A children's cd for halloween called HALLOWEEN HOWLS (on Music for Little People); released THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND: THE BEST OF ANDREW GOLD on Rhino this same year; A sixties-style CD called the FRATERNAL ORDER OF THE ALL: GREETINGS FROM PLANET LOVE, on J-Bird records (, Produced BIG RED NUDE by GREG PRESTOPINO; Produced THE BELLBOTTOMS for Zain records, Japan; Just finished the soon to be released debut album of famed country writer LISA ANGELLE on DREAMWORKS records, and is currently working on a new solo record, called LEFTOVERS. He is also writing and recording 2 new CHILDRENS records, one for CHRISTMAS and one which is a kids BEATLE record. ANDREW is currently in the process of moving back to Los Angeles.

Andrew has been involved with a number of Great Eastern Music projects over the years, including co-production on A VERY MERRY CHIPMUNK, co-publishing on a number of Andrew Gold/Lisa Angelle compositions, including Wynonna's smash country hit, "I Saw the Light," and countless recording sessions where he played guitar and keyboards, and sang harmony vocals.

Andrew's web page is extremely entertaining.  Check it out at

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