At last! The long-awaited Lisa Angelle album is finally available on DreamWorks. The first single, a Billboard Country Sales Chart hit, is out on an enhanced CD, which also contains Lisa's provocative video. Lisa's association with Great Eastern Music comes from our publishing administration of several of her hit songs, including Wynnona's number one smash, "I Saw the Light." The following piece, written by country journalist Wynn Jackson, brings us all up to speed on this phenomenal new artist:


Lisa Angelle's debut album, Twisted, on DreamWorks Records is
thoroughly in the country realm, delivered with a healthy portion of the
natural swamp funk of her Louisiana background. Angelle's New Orleans
roots provide a strong heritage that makes for some free-wheeling,
high-impact performances. "In New Orleans," she says, "there are no
boundaries. Everybody opens their arms and embraces everything. We
incorporate many, many cultures, just like the food down there -- it satisfies
every palate. Music, to me, is that way also. I need to be satisfied in a
round, complete way. I don't want just one thing, I want it all!"

"I can't remember a time in my life when music wasn't a focal point," says
Lisa. Growing up, her father was a rock 'n' roll DJ/program director and
preacher and her mother was a regional pop singer/songwriter/producer. "I
can remember the smell of the carpet and baffles in the French Quarter
studio where my mother was recording and I was sitting in my infant seat
watching her through the glass. From the time I could crawl, I was scooting
around the floors of the radio stations where my dad was a DJ. My biggest
thrill was to sit in the control room while he was on the air. From singing in
church to the recording studio to the radio equaled life, life
equaled music."

An accomplished songwriter, Angelle's songs have been recorded by
Wynonna, Trisha Yearwood, Kathy Mattea and Tanya Tucker. Angelle
wrote and produced every song featured on Twisted, most of which included
the collaborative hand of renowned guitarist-producer Andrew Gold.
Angelle's knack for exploring intensely personal themes is bound to raise
the ante for female performers.

"I guess that this album is called Twisted," says Angelle, "because that's
what some say that I am! The fact is, I like to write about real
life--sometimes my own, sometimes lives that inspire me--and at times,
ones that disturb me. Real life can be a bit 'twisted.' If something affects
me I usually write about it," says Angelle. "As for the actual song
'Twisted,' well it's an imagery-driven tribute about a man whose wild and
crazy expressions of love kept me madly and gladly in love with him. Who
wouldn't want a man like that!"

Lisa Angelle hit the club scene strong with her debut single/dance mix for
"I Wear Your Love" which jumped from #40 to #24 this week on the
Hottest Country Dance Tracks Chart. The clubs are getting the energy
they've been looking for with this one. 

-Wynn Jackson 


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