Suggested Web Sites

Since you’ve logged onto this Webpage, we’ll make the incredibly obvious deduction that you’re interested in the music industry. The following are some of our current faves among the myriads of sites congesting the Internet.

Avid - All you need to know about Pro Tools 11 HD and the latest hardware, software, and plug-ins.

Keyboard Magazine - Goes far beyond just keyboards - a valuable resource for everything musical. (

The Terence Boylan Page - Contains info on how to obtain the new compilation CD on Spinnaker Records. (

The Clubhouse - Our new favorite studio, located in the beautiful Hudson Valley just 90 miles north of Manhattan. Check out the impressive specs on this brand-new facility.

Citrus College Recording Arts Program - One of the great recording arts programs, with an extensive, one-year certificate priced well below most programs like Full Sail and Berklee.(

Mark of the Unicorn - our favorite DAW, Digital Performer, plus loads of other goodies, including the new 1248 and other Thunderbolt systems, great plug-ins, and powerful virtual instruments.(

Tangible Technology - This is the homepage of Eddie Ciletti, a well respected tech writer for numerous publications. It also has a great Links page. (

Custom Audio Electronics - a very helpful source for those hard-to-find replacement parts for old synths, organs, and electric pianos.

..... and every once in a while, we’ll have some new ones, so keep checking us out.

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